Some people learn better when they see their tutors face-to-face. At BOA, we’re happy with that too. It makes us appear as real as we are.

We can give you live training on the following topics:

  • Business Branding: At BOA, we’ll show you how you’d plan, strategize, and build your business from scratch; how to choose the right business name, product name, service name, and domain and website name; how to choose ideas for your business icons, logos, banners; management and leadership methods and plans, etc.
  • Online Business Placements and Listings: We’ll set you and your business up for a sound online success by showing you how to be available and get noticed through search by your potential customers who are already searching for what your business deals in on the search engines, as well as on the various right social media networks relative and peculiar to your business.
  • Product or Service Big Launch: We’ll let you drink from the ocean of knowledge that we’ve gathered from not less than about 3 years (36 full months) of studying the launches and methods of the top players in the Direct Response Marketing Industry.

Launches take strategies and they’re specific and relative to products and services being launched.

At BOA, we’d guide you through the exact foolproof steps regularly used and re-used, and that are responsible for the huge success from launches made from time to time by the top guys in Direct Response Marketing Industry.

If you have a team, an organization, group, workforce, internship, etc., that you want them to get trained live on using Internet Marketing for themselves, for their businesses, or to even set it up a service that they could start rendering for people and make money from it, then this could be a very great opportunity for you to jump at.

Simply fill the form below and schedule an appointment with us, and you’ll be happy to invite us to have a hand in your next launch.