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Taofeeq Azeez, the Founder of is a Google certified Digital Marketer who received the Certificate of Online Proficiency in Digital Marketing from Google…

Digital Skills for Africa Certificate for Taofeeq Azeez

Asides that, he has not less than about 3 years (36 full months) of experience in the Digital Marketing world.

He has benefited from the training of the world most important Direct Response Marketers of current times like Todd Brown, Ryan Levesque (The Genius behind The Ask Method), Ray Edwards; Writers, Authors, and Productivity Trainers like Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, and so forth.

He has spent thousands learning, using various services, and testing what works and what doesn’t online, and he can show you what to do on setting up your business(es) for a Digital Marketing success, and what to avoid…

Below are the various ways he can help your business:

  1. Business Branding Services:

Even if you have the best of ability on solving certain problems for people, but if you failed to show yourself to your clients in a way that’d show you as such, you’d never be perceived as such.

Here at, we can render varieties of business branding services for you and your business ranging from … continue reading …

  1. One-On-One Business Consulting:

It’s better at times to want to see how you can go around getting things done for yourself.

Doing things in your business by yourself might bring the exact targeted results you want for your business, simply because only you can say exactly how and where the shoe pinches.

But then, you would want to consult and seek advice on where you’re getting things wrong, and what to do to get them corrected.

Here comes how we help your business.

Our One-On-One Business Consulting Program goes on giving you live directions on how to manage your business for maximum … continue reading …

  1. One-On-One Training/Apprenticeships:

You might be astonished and knocked off your feet and want to learn exactly how we get things done here at; this is the exact program we’ve designed for you.

The Program sits you down like a pupil and goes on to spoon-feed you every of the detailed steps we take from getting leads, to acquiring customers, to making conversions, and then getting repeated sales … continue reading …

  1. JVs/Partnerships:

We have passion for your growth and productivity, and we’re happy to promote you and your business for maximum sales and conversion, and that’s why we’ve included an opportunity for Joint Ventures and Partnerships … continue reading …

  1. Affiliate Programs (soon):

Promoting our products and services is a very cool and easy way to build good reputation and make awesome money for you and your business because you’d be delivering great value to your prospects by promoting our highly productive and result-orientated training … continue reading …

  1. Live Sessions/Offline Training:

We’re open here at to live training sessions for people willing to digitize and automate their business(es) to fast-forward their growth, and maximize their sales, conversions and profits … continue reading …

  1. General Support:

Whatever way you feel we can help and promote your business for quality leads capturing, customer acquisition, leads conversions, products or services launch, and maximum sales and conversions, etc., you’ve always got our backs.

We can help you plan and strategize your business, launch your products or services, acquire quality leads, turn and convert them into paying customers and repeat customers, help you acquire maximum sales, and so forth.

You always got our backs.

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